Who we are - Japan Foreign Human Resources Association

To aim a multicultural society that can play an active role in Japan, we will carry out various businesses to create that environment. We will eliminate the barriers between Japanese and foreigners, not only temporarily accept foreign human resources, but also marry, give birth, raise children, and grow older. We will aim to create an environment where people can live a fulfilling life. To that end, some activities that can deepen the understanding of educational institutions, companies, and locals regarding foreign personnel. At the same time, deepen the understanding of foreigners in Japanese culture and support them from their daily life. By developing human resources who can play an active role in Japanese society, we aim to create a rich living environment in a multicultural society.

Organization Chart


Seiichiro Yonekura

Hitotsubashi University professor,
Hosei Univeristy graduate school professor
President (CR-SIS)


Oussouby SACKO

Vice Presidents

Kim Chungu

Tsutomu O\Inoue 井上 勉

Keiji Takehara


Yumeki Takeuchi

Tatuya Ishinka

Kazuya Tamura

Daiki Hosono

TRUST Director

Yuko Ishikawa

Taku Tamura

EDAS Director


Shota Kohno