Our association mainly carries out activities. If you are a member individual company, you can participate, so please offer.

Industry Event Committee

We regularly plan and hold events, seminars, and social gatherings to revitalize the industry.


  • Association×Client company×Planning to expand the connections to foreign talents
  • Provide planning and information that will serve as a bridge between both the accepting company and foreign personnel

Chairman: Tatsuya Ishinaka

Vice Chairman:Keiji Takehara

Association member:Yumeki Takeuchi

Human resources development committee for foreigners

We provide educational opportunities for foreign residents in Japan and companies/organizations that accept foreign human resources.


  • Create a place where foreign personnel can develop the necessary skills to work in Japan
  • Aiming to develop human resources who manage in companies by conducting training to raise the level of foreign human resources such as Japanese and business skills
  • Create a place where you can learn without regional disparity, regardless of where you work (in the city or region)

Chairman:Youko Ishikawa

Vice chairman:Kazuya Tamura

Association member:Keiji Takehara, Tatsuya Ishinaka

Foreign Human Resource Promotion Committee

Events to improve skills such as intercultural communication & management for accepting companies/industry companies We plan and hold seminars and provide information.


  • Support the acceptance and retention of foreign human resources for host companies and organizations
  • ・Support human resource management and provide information,  not only for short-term employment but also for medium- to long-term employment

Chairman:Tsutomu Inoue

Vice chairman:Kazuya Tamura

Committee member:Yuko Ishikawa. Daiki Hosono, Yumeki Takeuchi, Keiji Takehara, Bang Wansik

Industry research committee

By conducting industry surveys, we provide our members with valuable information and opportunities.

We mainly conduct surveys such as questionnaires for members/non-members, accepting companies, and foreign human resources.

Chairman:Kazuya Tamura

Vice chairman:Chungu Kim

Organizing Committee

The committee mainly manages the association.

Chairman:Kim Chungu

Vice Chairman:Yumeki Takeuchi, All other directors

Kansai Committee

It is a committee in the Kansai region centered on Osaka.

We are looking for members who are resident in Kansai and can participate in the committee.

Chubu Committee

It is a committee in the Chubu region centered on Nagoya.

We are looking for members who are resident in Chubu and can participate in the committee.

Fukuoka Committee

It is a committee of the Kyushu region centered on Fukuoka.

We are looking for members who live in Kyushu and can participate in the committee.

Overseas Joint Recruiting Committee   (To start in 2021)

This is a committee in which agent companies carry out recruitment activities overseas at once. Member companies jointly conduct recruitment activities for client companies. We carry out activities across borders according to the needs of our customers.

Committee members:Kim Chungu, Bang Wansik, Tatsuya Ishinka, Daiki Hosono

Support for foreign talent entrepreneur  (To start in 2020)

We provide support for foreigners looking to start a business in Japan.

Committee members:Tsutomu Inoue, Kazuya Tamura

System Association

This is a committee that handles clerical operations for the stable operation of the organization and creates systems including the Web.

If you would like to participate in the committee activities or start a new committee,

Please write the following information and contact the secretariat by email.

1)member's name2)contacts 3)The name of the committee you want to join, or the name of the committee you want to create and its details

Contact:contact@jfhra.org (Representative:Kato)